Facebook Fast – A month on…

It sounds absolutely outrageous to cut oneself off from social media in today’s day and age, when the whole world seems to be living their life online. I guess the growing crowd compelled me to move away from it, like any introvert would.

Or perhaps the endless scrolling through selfies and happy faces really did get me. I realised the peer pressure of having a beautiful life was stressing me out. Add to that mindless, uninformed political opinions of of people I have probably just met once in life.

I just decided one fine day to sign out of Facebook from phone. It wasn’t a great decision that took a lot of thought. I just grew tired, irritated after realising that I had again wasted half an hour, scrolling through things that did not make me happy.

It was supposed to be a temporary thing. But it lasted, and suddenly I feel like I have the gift of time.

I turned to more positive social media platforms and dedicated my free time to follow people who are creating meaningful content on the one thing I love – reading.

In my free time, I turned to YouTube, Instagram and Blogs to inspire me to read more, or to study more. If I take a study break and then search #studygram or something of that sort.. I see wonderful people making such beautiful notes, that it makes me dive right back to studying.

The bibliophile community online feels much more positive and inspiring. I did a little cheat though. I created a fake account to follow two of my favourite book groups on Facebook, and of course to keep an eye on my boyfriend. 😛

I am able to finish my books much faster without constant notifications coming from Facebook. I feel less depressed and better positioned to actually accomplish the stuff I want to do in my life. I don’t have to look at selfies anymore. I can’t tell you how much I grew tired of them!

I used to post random thoughts on Facebook usually, and that prevented me from actually letting those thoughts flourish into full length articles.

And ugh, don’t even get me started on the number of click-bait articles and ads, and ads, and ads.

Will I go back to Facebook? Eventually I guess I’ll have to. It has many year’s worth of photos and professional connections. Perhaps it ll be only when I have the time to sit and declutter my timeline, rid myself of all the people I really have no intention of keeping in touch with, and have nothing in common with.