Why I am probably going to fail at blogging..

  1. My graphic skills are rock bottom. I am not good at taking pictures, or even selecting ‘good’ pictures. So the idea of having visually appealing graphics does not work at me. Maybe sometimes I ll throw in a shaky, blurry, under/overexposed image into my posts. People will look, cringe and never return.
  2. I am still more comfortable with pen and paper. When I write online, I lose my train of thought, and pretty soon, my interest.
  3. I am the Queen of Procrasti-Nation. Why do something now if it can be done sometime later? Or never. Everything else is always more important than the current task at hand. Even staring at the wall.
  4. I am easily discouraged. Getting no validation? You are probably not good enough, you should go kill yourself. Okay, at least you should stop trying so hard.
  5. I have got my feet in too many boats. I am a full time journalist,  a  part time theatre artist, a part time pursuer of a Master’s degree, a newbie blogger. Needless to say, I fail trying to keep up with most.
  6. I am shy. That means I can’t market myself. Or I have to run away and hide if too many people start reading my stuff.
  7. I am ruled by hormones. I have these mid month spurts of hormones that make me hyper motivated to go get everything out there. I make business models, I email people for interviews, I sign up for kickboxing classes. And a week later BAM! Bitch Aunt Flo hits, and I am down in the dumps telling myself that I cannot possibly spend my entire office shift sitting on the toilet seat.
  8. Why write about books when you can read them instead? Obviously right? I mean in the time I spent here, I could have read at least five more pages of my current read, which I have been struggling to finish for almost a month now.
  9. Social Media. Yes it sucks. I say that even as I write here. Because as soon as I am done publishing this I am going to be looking at other’s posts and sooner or later I am going to end up on Facebook or YouTube, looking at Dhinchak Pooja’s ‘music’ videos.
  10. It is always easier to not do something, than to fail. Trolling is so easy, facing it is not. Social media easily means being sitting ducks to a thousand trolls. And who is not afraid of failure?

2 thoughts on “Why I am probably going to fail at blogging..

  1. 1. You don’t have to have good graphic skills, or even graphic skills at all. Your blog is based mainly on words, so let those do your showing for you. (Really, the only graphics you might want are images of book covers, if you do book reviews, and you can find those on Amazon.)
    2. If this is what you think, write everything out on paper first, then type it all up online.
    3. Pretty sure every writer has this. For me, I procrastinate by cleaning. I procrastinated on my final papers last semester by creating a blog. It’s done wonders to channel my nervous energy.
    4. So what? Who cares? Someone will probably see it. Get out there and connect with people. (Posting on the new pool post was a good choice to start drawing others in.) Use #hashtags to connect. Post your blog posts on your personal Facebook page or Twitter account to invite people in to read. You don’t have to have validation to know that you’re worth something. Plus, negative self-talk is just that: negative. Do I want to see tons of people visiting my blog? Duh. Will it really upset me if they don’t? Not really. It’d be nice, but it’s also nice to ramble and rant without fear of retribution.
    5. Pretty sure everyone’s got something they’re doing. I’m working two part-time jobs and an internship while attending school full-time to obtain my graduate degree in English. I read and play video games and spend long hours with my boyfriend. Everyone does a lot of things.
    6. That’s the great thing about the internet! You don’t really have to put yourself out there. You can create an entire persona as to who you are. Or you can be yourself. I’m pretty transparent on my blog because I don’t want to create another persona. I did that when starting out and it got pretty exhausting. I just let people know in my intro post that they’re going to be reading the ramblings of someone who is not always completely there. It’s fine.
    7. As tempting as it is to say not to let them rule you, I know how hard it can be. I actually got on birth control to stop the hormone-rages and to combat my acne. It’s worked wonders for the acne, and the hormones are only bad about every third month. Sometimes you just have to push through.
    8. Because after you finish reading a great book, you usually want to tell others about them. Why not tell the entire internet? Also, with such a strict review schedule that I’ve set for myself, it means i’ve got the kick in the pants I need to actually finish my TBR pile (and that’s no small feat).
    9. So? It’s okay to take a break now and then. It’s okay to see what other people are writing. We’re a community. That means you visit each other and learn how other people write. Sometimes you get distracted. Not anything to beat yourself up over.
    10. I’m terrified of failure, but being a female on the internet has pretty much made me immune to trolls. All you gotta do is read the comments on Fox News FB pages or other such conservative sites, or even the comments on feminist instagrams/facebooks. It’s not pretty. But you know what you do? You report, block, and move on. Don’t let the haters get you down. There’s a quote out there somewhere that says, “If people hate you, you’re doing something right.” Who cares about failure? I’m usually pretty freaked out about it, I’ll admit. But you can’t let fear rule your life.

    That got a lot longer than I thought. I apologize if this got too preachy, oops. I like responding to lists.
    Anyway. Welcome to the blogging world! The number one rule is never give up 😉 Good luck to you!


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